It begins…


So we are now officially in 2015 and my 30th year – the pressure begins!  I started the year as I mean to go on – with a run!!  Absolutely unprecedented behaviour!!  This is mainly due to the fact that my friend Jenny had a New Year’s Eve Eve party on my birthday so we were much too hungover for a big fancy dress night out (there is no other kind of New Year in Teignmouth).  Instead we took the boys out for a night walk to do some sparklers, and then snuggled up on the sofa with hot chocolates and a film.

For my birthday we took the boys ice skating for the first time.  I forgot just how much fun it is and am keen to go again as soon as humanly possible (though I think I may find my weekends disappearing with all this activity!).  We also went for lunch at Lemon Jelli in Newton Abbot.sparkler

I am feeling really positive and excited about my thirty things and plans are afoot for many of them already.  This month I will be joining in a Spinathon on the 17th and giving blood on the 19th.  I’m just hoping I don’t lose momentum when I go back to work and reality.

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