Dress Making

One more thing done!

Make and wear a dress

I have had a go at this once before and it didn’t go so well. This time I think I’ll use an actual pattern and do it properly! I have made a skirt that became a staple item for two summers, so there is some hope for me yet.

This was suggested to me by my friend Cheryl.  We had a wonderful fabric shopping trip (to the lovely Meme on Gandy Street in Exeter) which led to us both making skirts a couple of years ago.  Cheryl’s little boy, George, who  is the same age as Charlie, is currently in hospital in Bristol fighting cancer, so this post is dedicated to him.  They have created a Facebook page to follow his fight, go give them a like.

After many hours on Pinterest I decided I wanted to make a dress with a nice floaty circle skirt.  I started out by cutting up an old sheet to make a long, full circle skirt:

IMG_0153 IMG_0161

I was pleased with how it turned out, it was great fun to wear!  Bit a little too long and too full.  Oh and it would definitely need ironing, and I can’t be having that!

So I went and bought myself some nice pink and blue jersey fabric and made a half circle skirt, and a top, which I sewed together to make a dress.  Thanks to The Pineneedle Collective blog which was very helpful in making this, though I didn’t follow her instructions to the letter (I find trying to follow instructions only leads to disappointment, much better to make it up as I go along and see how it turns out!).  This Circle Skirt Calculator was a lifesaver too.

I wore it to work yesterday and I like it, but I much preferred it when it was a skirt and top, so now that I’ve crossed this off my list I am going to chop it back into two pieces!

1503583_10152254287157614_9123658269355077436_n 10952106_10152254287072614_4812257959112333636_n

(The photo on the left is a little blurry as Oscar took it!)

I’ve also made another skirt and top which I am yet to take a photo of, they’re a bit summery so I am waiting for better weather!

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