Love is…

Happy Valentines Day!!  I hope you are doing something special with your loved ones today.  Steve and I don’t usually do much anything for Valentines, so today I will share with you the surprise present I got three years ago – a proposal hidden in a song.  Here it is, along with photos from the big day.

1098439_10151366378362614_2038818617_n 225348_5505572613_9982_n

The other day I had a bit of an epiphany where I realised what makes having babies so great.  You know when you meet a new boyfriend or girlfriend, and you are really into them, you just want to be with them and cuddle and kiss and hold hands and tell them you love them all the time.  Except you can’t.  It’s early days and you’re trying to play it cool and not scare them off.

380868_10150284042587614_1736009374_n 302212_10150243287082614_1880111969_n

When you have a baby, you get to do all of those things constantly.  You can just give them oodles of love and not worry that it’s going to freak them out.  You are actively encouraged to hold them and kiss them and not leave them alone.  What could be more perfect than having all that love to give and being able to give it.


I often get moments where I feel like I am going to explode with the almost unbearable amount of love I feel for my babies (usually when they show their love for each other).  I’m lucky they like a good snuggle, but every moment they get older and cooler, I know they also become less willing and more embarrassed by cuddles and kisses.  So I plan to get in as many as possible whilst I still can!


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