I love taking pictures. I take lots of pictures of everything (I am certainly guilty of sometimes “experiencing the present as an anticipated memory” ie rather than throwing myself fully into an experience I can be too busy trying to capture it so I can remember it later on). But I have no real skills – I either use my phone and Instagram or Steve’s DSLR on auto.

I get good results a lot of the time, but I wish I could learn how to make the most of the camera and know how to get specific results. Whenever I try out the proper settings it never quite works out, so I go back to good old auto!

My photos are generally full colour. I’m a happy, smiley kind of person and I guess bright colours reflect that. But I also think it’s a bit of a cop out. The most beautiful photos are often black and white or muted colours, but I never think my pictures are beautiful enough. I want to be able to take a stunning, dramatic black and white photo, to have the skills to recognise an opportunity and take a great picture. I don’t think this is destined to be my photography style, but I think it’s a good challenge to get me thinking about how to use the camera better.


Last year I was nominated to do the Facebook thing of uploading a black and white photo a day and these were what I chose: 

       Apart from the fungus which was taken during that week, the rest were existing photos that I switched to black and white.

Anyway, today I took a photo which I think could be a contender for my own challenge:   I am looking forward to doing more with this challenge!

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