Eating on the cheap

Last night I decided to join in (sort of) with next week’s Live Below the Line challenge to eat for just £1 a day. But in typical Chloe style I have got carried away and excited and I am going to start it tomorrow instead!


I’ve got my food – £6.69 spent at Tesco (I’m doing seven days instead of five). It took me a while to get the right combination of items but I’m pleasantly surprised with how much food you can get for so little. It will be interesting to see how the quality compares (the cornflakes are what concerns me most!).


There are a couple of things to note at this point. 1) I would have liked to get porridge, cous cous, rice etc but the budget versions only came in larger packets, therefore making them too expensive to work for this challenge (but great if you are genuinely living on this budget) 2) I am really surprised how much cheaper it is to buy tinned vegetables rather than fresh 3) this challenge is just for me, the rest of my family will be eating as normal.

I’m really interested to see how I get on with this one. Will I be hungry all the time? Will the food be disgusting?! Will I have the energy to carry on running? Will I be in a terrible mood? Will I lose any weight? Will it change my shopping habits? I’m going to have to be much stricter about snacking throughout the day to make this work, and I’ve not bought any tea bags so that will be a challenge on its own!

One thought on “Eating on the cheap

  1. I’ve been to Tesco for all my Live Below the Line store-cupboard items as well. Aldi beats them when it comes to fresh veg though, so I’m waiting until tomorrow to get my cabbage, carrots and potatoes 🙂


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