Day One

Today is my first day of eating for £1 a day. I started the day with a glass of water and a bowl of cornflakes.

 The cornflakes were ok, a bit thin tasting (can something taste thin?!) and I was stingy with the milk, but nothing like as cardboardy as I was expecting. Normally I top my cereal with raisins, pumpkin seeds, banana, honey etc so this was a plain breakfast for me.

Next up was lunch. Around 11.40am the hunger really hit hard, I was stuck in traffic and couldn’t wait to get home and eat. On the menu today: a cream cheese sandwich, an apple, two Ginger nuts and a yoghurt. A pretty standard lunchbox deal I suppose, but I’d have given anything for a couple of slices of cucumber in my sandwich! I noticed that the best before end date on my bread is tomorrow – I guess cheaper bread has a shorter shelf life!

3.30 came along with a hunger that could only be satisfied by two more ginger nuts. If the package vices the week I will be very surprised! Dinner was pasta with onions, passatta and cream cheese. Plain and simple, this is something I would eat anyway but with a bit of spinach and feta or cheddar cheese.
I added kidney beans, a stock cube and the tin of mixed vegetables to the pasta sauce, ready to turn into shepherds pie for tomorrow and spag bol for Friday.

So far I feel pretty good, I’m looking forward to cooking and seeing what I can make next. The hardest thing is ignoring all the other food in the house!

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