Day Two

The second day of my eat for £1 a day week started with good old cornflakes.

Lunch was pretty much the same as yesterday, but I dunked my cream cheese sandwich in a cup a soup.  Whilst doing that I thought it tasted surprisingly good, but once the bread was gone and I had to drink the soup on it’s own it was pretty bland and gross.

 Tonight’s dinner was a different story though! I made a shepherd’s pie / hot pot dish and it was SO damn tasty! I used the chilli mixture from yesterday fried up with some tinned new potatoes. This was so quick and easy to make, cheap, and delicious. I’d definitely make this again.

Unfortunately I did succumb to a cup of tea and a biscuit at work today, but I didn’t have to pay for them so it’s only a little bit cheating! They were chocolate hobnobs, what else could I do?!

This evening I’m off to a quiz. I’m really going to fancy a pint (especially since I’m off work tomorrow!) but I will be sticking to tap water!

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