Day Three

Last night I went to a quiz with some friends. I drank a glass of tap water, which was fine… but then the chips came out. They smelled sooooo good! I was very good though and didn’t have any, but I felt so hungry!!

This morning started predictably with another bowl of cornflakes. Charlie (also predictably) didn’t finish his cereal so I also finished that for him (waste not want not and all that).

 I kept myself busy all morning to stave off the hunger, before sitting down with some beans on toast for lunch. The classic cheap meal! Normally I would have a whole tin but I had half a tin today and made myself an extra two pieces of toast instead! I also stuck a straw in my water to make it feel a bit more interesting – worth a try!

We went to a friend’s house for tea and she kindly cooked for the boys. Unfortunately it was just too irresistible and I had a couple of slices of pizza and garlic bread. A fail! But technically it didn’t cost me any money so I’m still doing ok.

So far I’m feeling good, I’m feeling hungry a lot, but that’s nothing new, I’m just having to try and distract myself instead of eating! I’m missing tea and feel tired because of it, but not getting the headaches and other withdrawal symptoms other people have had when giving up caffeine. My period is due tomorrow which may put a new spin on things!

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