Day Five

Last night I was very privileged to be asked to help a friend who was struggling with breastfeeding. She and her boyfriend were getting takeaway pizza and offered to buy me one as a thank you. I bloody love pizza! Saying no was possibly the hardest moment of this challenge!

Today I really quite enjoyed my breakfast cornflakes and was feeling positive looking in the box at what I’ve got left. There’s definitely enough good to keep me full, but it’s just not the food I want! I want some cheese, some vegetables, salad, crisps, chips, pizza… I don’t want to have to ration my apples and yoghurts! And I want to stop eating ginger nuts as my only snack/treat!

 For lunch I made an unappetising but quite tasty kidney bean pate: kidney beans, leftover chilli, cream cheese, breadcrumbs. I had this in a sandwich (two sandwiches in the end). It was nice but clearly not enough food for me, so when Steve appeared with a crusty cheesey baguette for oscar I had to sneak a couple of bites!

If I actually had to live on this budget I would definitely be rummaging through bins by now!

 For dinner I did a roast, using the pate from lunch baked in balls, along with potatoes, peas, carrots and a thin onion gravy. It was really nice to have a big plate of food!

I’ve made another chilli thing which should see me through the final two days. I’m not someone who plans meals ahead, for this challenge I have had to (not that I’ve always stuck to it!) but it’s no fun – I much prefer just having what I fancy. But all too often that’s not something I should be eating (it’s pizza).

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