Day Six

Today is the first day of the official Live Below the Line challenge, but day six for me. It’s a nice feeling that I now have just three meals to go, but other people doing the challenge are just getting started!!

My penultimate breakfast was …. you’ve guessed it …. cornflakes!

Lunch was cream cheese sandwiches dipped in cup a soup.

And dinner was a tasty spag bol.

  I’m really pleased to have made it this far. There have been some minor slips (a couple of slices of pizza, a bite of cheese sandwich, a cup of tea here and there) but on the whole I think I’ve done well and will have a good amount of food leftover after tomorrow.

The biggest surprise for me is that I don’t miss or crave chocolate and crisps, but have instead gained a new appreciation for fruit, salad and vegetables. It’s a very odd feeling seeing these things in the house and depriving myself of them – it really goes against the grain!

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