Second day

Today I’m feeling really tired and I’m not sure if it’s the change of diet, a bad night’s sleep, or a lack of caffeine (almond milk in tea just isn’t the same!).

Breakfast was a fruit smoothie and weetabix.  

  This morning I had an appointment with a lovely lady who talked about food. A lot. Where to go to the best fish and chips. The food when she was travelling in America and on cruises. Her favourite restaurant in town. Then I got back to the office and there was a big box of delicious chocolate biscuits on my desk (the ones with those delicious tube things). Sitting down to my salad was no fun! It took so long to eat, it was very boring! I had fried Aubergine and courgette to brighten my salad a bit but it didn’t really work! I also had a nakd banana bread bar and free from yoghurt which were both nice.

  I was still pretty hungry so got some popcorn too.   

 I left work a bit early as I was feeling tired and achieving nothing. Next up was some ryvita and hummus, and some lotus biscuits.  



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