Sixth Day

So last night I made some dark and chocolate and avocado truffles, and I… accidentally… ended up eating some milk chocolate in the process.

I got back on track this morning with an almond milk, banana, and peanut butter smoothie. I snacked on an apple and a nakd bar, then stopped off at Smugglers for another quinoa salad (out of date so only cost Β£1!)  

On my return to the office I had ryvita with avocado and walnuts. And then my boss came in with some ferrero rocher and I caved. Those things are just too delicious!  

In my defence, my period is due. No more should need to be said.

Dinner was a butternut squash risotto.   

Followed by last night’s truffles and some “ice cream” made from peanut butter blended with banana and chia seeds and frozen.  

So more slippage today! But I am still really pleased with the healthy eating I’ve been doing – it’s about the journey not the destination!


4 thoughts on “Sixth Day

  1. Ferrero rocher are one of the things I’ve tried unsuccessfully to veganise, but if you can get hold of Vego Bars (here’s one place that sell them online – – you might be able to get them in your local healthfood/fairtrade shop though) they are pretty bloody delicious and a good sub. I also really like Vivani dark chocolate hazelnut nougat bars, and bigger Tescos sell Finest Ganduotti, which are lovely creamy chocolate hazelnut triangles which are accidentally vegan. Oh, and Sainsbury’s are selling chocolate-hazelnut Belvita Tops biscuits, which are also accidentally-vegan!

    A cheaper alternative is to melt some dark chocolate and stir in peanut butter (and maybe some golden syrup) to make peanutty truffles. Roll them in some chopped peanuts…okay, it’s not the exact same thing, but it’s a good budget easy chocolatey nutty treat! πŸ™‚


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