A trip to London

This month has been pretty epic for me, first my trip to France, then last weekend I took Oscar to a local one day festival called Lemonfest.  We had a great time getting into the festival spirit (I surprised myself with my hula hooping skills and have since invested!), and I think Oscar will remember his first real festival experience for years to come.  Oscar and his friend Lucca had the BEST TIME EVER having hay fights!  My main pull for going to the festival was that The Subways were playing, but I was so worried that Oscar wouldn’t make it up late enough.  But he did it, and we had lots of fun jumping and dancing around to them.

11390271_10152466857707614_6443607191052514931_n 10986568_10152466857987614_213172136904396183_n 11139973_10152466857932614_6696453779686861552_n 11168562_10152466857842614_7647881081072741766_n

This weekend I’m going up to London to see Death Cab for Cutie (this is my year of live music, I’ve already seen the Decemberists and Belle and Sebastian this year too).  After two weekends away without Charlie I didn’t feel I could get away with a third, so I’ve decided to take him with me.  We’re going up on the Megabus (5 hours) so that’s going to be challenging!

I’m planning on taking him to the Natural History Museum to see their wonderful dinosaur, but am open to suggestions for other activities.  He is three and a half.  I did a similar trip with Oscar just before his fourth birthday, also during a heatwave!

Looking forward to a lazy weekend at home soon!


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