One of my 30 things is to grow my hair long. I have very thick hair so when I have long hair I have a lot of hair to deal with!

I’ve been “no poo” (not using shampoo or conditioner) since new year and it’s made my hair much more manageable. It has its bad days, but certainly less of them than I used to, and most of my problems stem from my fringe, which refuses to grow out.

I mainly use water only. About once a week I rinse my hair thoroughly in the shower with water. I try to massage my scalp to get the natural oils moving, and then I comb it through in the shower. I get quite a lot of hair out on the comb, with little bits of what looks like dust on it. Sometimes I finish off with a capful of cider vinegar. Honestly I don’t know the theory behind this, it just seems to be the done thing but lots of no poo-ers.

Here is my hair halfway through the year. I don’t have a before picture because I never used to wear my hair down as it was too much hassle! 



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