I’m on fire!

I’ve got terrible at updating this blog, but it’s because I’m spending less time on the computer/phone which can only be a good thing.

A couple of weeks ago, it was one of the final sunny Saturdays of the year, and we had some friends over.  So I decided to light the chiminea so that we could sit out in the garden.  It took a while, and we had no firelighters, but I managed to get a lovely roaring fire going and we spent the rest of the evening in the garden.  Now if Steve’s out this winter I have no excuse not to have a open fire!

I’ve taken lots more photos, including a couple of gorgeous ones of my beautiful boys!

11705800_10152565339902614_2411368691726548138_o 11741087_10152565339817614_6292622135607359667_o

and lots of colourful ones too

11947668_10152637035137614_2833829982509215727_n 11057472_10152560413617614_5546075497543748200_n 11891541_10152631822642614_4638887094490198558_o

11872064_10152616276122614_503825505139196241_o 11391361_10152479950772614_897754179467301472_n

I’ve ran in another 10k race, and the half marathon (Dartmoor Vale) is this Sunday!!

As for Calais…I don’t want to go by myself, so I’m trying to piggyback along with others, but it is hard to get anyone to commit to specific dates.  I think possibly that’s just the sort of people that want to do this sort of thing – they’re either a bit disorganised or have the flexibility to just go whenever.  Also the information keeps changing about storage and what donations are needed so some people are waiting for the right time so that they can deliver what they’ve collected.  I am determined to go though!



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