My FamilyI’m Chloe, I just turned 29 on 30th December 2014 and decided to set myself a challenge to do 30 new things before my 30th birthday at the end of next year. This is partly because I read that you’re much more likely to stick with something if you start before 30, so I want to set myself some challenges that will help me to improve my life long term (like exercising). Also for my 25th Birthday my Brother in Law bought me a five year diary where I record a line a day, and this finishes on my 30th Birthday. I’ve tried to set tasks that are SMART so that I can be sure that they are ticked off – for example, instead of “learn a language” I’ve chosen to “learn to count to ten in ten languages”.

I live in Teignmouth, Devon, with my husband Steve and two boys, Oscar (5) and Charlie (3), and I work for a charity called Volunteering in Health, also based in Teignmouth. Having young children and a job means that my time and funding are limited, so this has been taken into consideration when choosing my 30 things!

Black Water RaftingWhen doing some research for common bucket list items, the main thing that I realised is that actually I have done an awful lot. I’ve done the checklist of things I needed to do to avoid Bridget Jones style conversations when I turn 30: I’ve bought a house, had kids (and managed a home birth), got married. Part of my hen night included a life drawing class. After my wedding I went into the sea wearing my wedding dress, and managed to get myself in several newspapers. I work for a charity, so charity work is covered, and I created our new website myself. I’ve travelled, alone mostly, so I’ve been to bucket list places like New York, LA, Fiji, New Zealand, India. Last year I drove a hire car through the mountains in Italy – quite possibly the scariest thing I’ve ever done! Whilst travelling I’ve done white water rafting, black water rafting, climbed a glacier, rode in a limo, gone paragliding, tried zorbing, I’ve done Go Ape, and eaten out in restaurants alone. I’ve climbed the Golden Cap – the highest point on the British coast – in Dorset. I’ve been to my fair share of gigs and festivals, met some of my rockstar heroes, had a number of body piercings and dyed my hair countless crazy colours – and even had a perm once. I’ve started my own business where I sold things that I had made myself and even obtained funding to do so. One of my proudest achievements is finishing the book Wolf Hall, which is a famously difficult book to finish.

There are certain things that I would love to do, but for various reasons (children, money, time – the usual), aren’t realistic to complete in 2015. Top of that list is to visit my friend Asha in Georgia, USA, and for us to go to Savannah together. I’d also love to go to Iceland, Canada, Mexico, Scandinavia, and to visit my friend Nat in Australia. I would love to be someone’s birth partner one day. A band called Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin wrote the song that Steve proposed to me with (below), so I would love to see them play. I’ve never been to Glastonbury Festival so that has to go on the list. In New Zealand I booked to fly on a helicopter to get to the top of a glacier, but the conditions weren’t right, so going in a helicopter goes on the one day list. A bungee jump doesn’t appeal to me, but I’d consider a skydive.

I am doing this for myself, but if you would like to show your support, any donations to Volunteering in Health would be very gratefully received. Please do mention that you are donating for this so that I can keep track of my thank yous! If you’d like to donate some money to me to complete one of the things then that would also be gratefully received!

Everybody dies but not everyone lives


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