Quarter of the way…

So I’m a quarter of the way through the year, and I’ve done 6/30 things and started lots more, so I think that puts me just about on track!  Time for a general update on what I’ve been up to…

I’ve put together and had printed a children’s book for my boys, and they both love it – they definitely feel famous when they read it!  Not only that, but a photo of them that I took at Christmas-time made it into Devon Life, so that’s my something published.  I wrote a crappy poem for Steve’s Valentine’s card too.  But the best thing about doing these bits of writing are that they inspired me to write a short story for grown ups, and I massively surprised myself!  I’m not quite ready to share it publicly yet, but I’m sure I will before the year is out!


I even dusted off my sewing machine and made a couple of skirts and a dress.  My pink and blue jersey dress looked great, but my plan to do bias binding on the hems didn’t work at all on the sleeves and I ended up cutting the dress up after I’d worn it the once!


But the thing I am really excited about is the 10k run I have booked for Sunday 12th April and will now be doing in fancy dress!  Up until now I have not been the biggest fan of exercise (my thing was always that we should do enough exercise as part of our daily lives to not need to exercise for the sake of exercise – and I do pretty well on this as I walk back and forth across Shaldon bridge several times a week for the school run) but I think I’m hooked!  This year as part of my 30 things I have already done three hours as part of a Spinathon, and walked the Templer Way.  I’ve also started exercising with some of the Mums from school.  I am, by a significantly long way, the slowest in the group, and when they plank for a minute I basically just lie on the floor, but I go and that’s what counts right?!


Recently I read somewhere that it’s much easier to start a new habit before you’re 30 than it is after, so I’m determined to really get into exercise this year!  Yesterday I downloaded an App called Zombies, Run! and last night I went out on my best run ever.  It was faster than I’ve run before and it felt totally different to my previous runs.  The app made it really good fun, I was very close to shooting my invisible gun many times!

I’ve got a tattoo planned out and have just started reading 100 years of solitude.  I’m keeping up with my blog (though not necessarily that regularly!) and my diary.  My hair is getting longer by the day, and now that I’ve gone “no poo” it looks and feels better than ever and is loads more manageable.

And finally, the thing that prompted this post – I am hatching a plan for treating someone less fortunate to dinner.  Today I met a lovely man who told me about a trout dish his wife used to cook.  Before she died she taught him to cook, but he can’t remember how to do this one dish.  So that is what I will be treating him to!  I can’t wait to do this one!


Two down…Twenty Eight to go

I’ve finished my first two things!!

Get something published

Back in my primary school days, I wrote a short story about playing on Shaldon Beach, which got published in the Parish Magazine. In November the charity I work for was featured in Devon Life, along with a photo I took. But for this, I want something a bit more purposeful to be published, somewhere. Think this is probably going to be my toughest challenge.

I thought this was going to be my toughest challenge, but I got one of my favourite photos printed in February’s Devon Life.  Here it is:

And, on Saturday I entered the Spinathon for Volunteering in Health, and span for THREE HOURS in a row!  On the day we raised a whopping £2000 – fantastic!

Enter a Spinathon

My parents love cycling. My Mum and Stepdad met in a cycling group. Some of my strongest childhood memories are of cycling. Like the time we were at the Turf Locks and Dad told me to “Look at that”, so I turned around on the back of his bike and got my feet caught up in the spokes. Or the time my younger brother learnt to ride without stabilisers before I did. Or the time we got new bikes for Christmas and went for a mega bike ride in the rain on Boxing Day. Or the time my brother rode his BMX on what was clearly a mountain bike ride, and fell off his bike and had to go to hospital (though not before we stopped off at Trago). Therefore me and cycling do not get on. At all. The charity I work for is holding a Sponsored Spinathon on 17th January at Finlake so I am going to enter that. If you’d like to enter, or to sponsor me, get in touch.


Last night, Steve and I went to try and give blood, but unfortunately all the slots were booked up.  It’s great that they were so busy, but I was so looking forward to saying I’d done three things already, and I was so nervous about it, it would have been nice to get it over and done with!