Final Day

Yesterday was the last day of my week trying to live as a vegan. My day started with another smoothie (banana, chia seeds, frozen berries, orange juice, soya yoghurt).  

My (first) lunch was a Clive’s Mexican Bean Pie.  

And my second lunch was beans on toast. Probably the first time I’ve had it without slathering it on cheese (except when I was on £1 a day).  

Later I had another two slices of toast with mushroom pate and finished off my dark chocolate and avocado truffles. Then for dinner I had a tin of vegetable soup.  



Sixth Day

So last night I made some dark and chocolate and avocado truffles, and I… accidentally… ended up eating some milk chocolate in the process.

I got back on track this morning with an almond milk, banana, and peanut butter smoothie. I snacked on an apple and a nakd bar, then stopped off at Smugglers for another quinoa salad (out of date so only cost £1!)  

On my return to the office I had ryvita with avocado and walnuts. And then my boss came in with some ferrero rocher and I caved. Those things are just too delicious!  

In my defence, my period is due. No more should need to be said.

Dinner was a butternut squash risotto.   

Followed by last night’s truffles and some “ice cream” made from peanut butter blended with banana and chia seeds and frozen.  

So more slippage today! But I am still really pleased with the healthy eating I’ve been doing – it’s about the journey not the destination!

Third Day

Before you think I went to bed having only eaten ryvita for dinner, don’t panic! After I’d posted on here I had sausage and chips 🙂  

  Today has not been such a successful day! Oscar asked for a chocolate milkshake for breakfast, so I made a smoothie with almond milk, kiwi, and dark chocolate. My blender isn’t quite powerful enough so there were specks of chocolate in it, giving a weird texture.  

I also had tomatoes on toast – one of my favourite breakfasts.   

Today’s lunch was another salad, mango soy yoghurt, and nakd banana bread.

For dinner I had a cauliflower curry, which was tasty, but I don’t make a lot of curry as it never turns out quite right. Must ask my dad to give me a lesson as it’s all he eats!  

Tasty as dinner was, it was perhaps a bad choice of dinner to eat before a run.  

Second day

Today I’m feeling really tired and I’m not sure if it’s the change of diet, a bad night’s sleep, or a lack of caffeine (almond milk in tea just isn’t the same!).

Breakfast was a fruit smoothie and weetabix.  

  This morning I had an appointment with a lovely lady who talked about food. A lot. Where to go to the best fish and chips. The food when she was travelling in America and on cruises. Her favourite restaurant in town. Then I got back to the office and there was a big box of delicious chocolate biscuits on my desk (the ones with those delicious tube things). Sitting down to my salad was no fun! It took so long to eat, it was very boring! I had fried Aubergine and courgette to brighten my salad a bit but it didn’t really work! I also had a nakd banana bread bar and free from yoghurt which were both nice.

  I was still pretty hungry so got some popcorn too.   

 I left work a bit early as I was feeling tired and achieving nothing. Next up was some ryvita and hummus, and some lotus biscuits.  


First Day Back

My first day back to normality, spending what I want on food! Bring out the lobster and caviar!!

(I won’t continue to update with every bit of food I eat but thought it would be good for comparison purposes today.)

Breakfast was toast and a smoothie: banana, frozen berries, yoghurt, apple juice.  

At about 11 I had some strawberries (reduced) and a handful of mixed nuts.

I met a friend for lunch. I chose the beachcomber in Teignmouth with the intentions of getting waffles, but in the end got a Brie and cranberry baguette with chips and salad.
Dinner was a jacket potato with cheese and beans and salad  …

Followed by a knickerbockerglory – my favourite! I dream of owning an ice cream parlour one day.

I’d say that’s a fairly average good day for me. I probably would have had a more salad based dinner but oscar asked for jacket potatoes and I’m not one to argue!

When I started my week I was a little concerned about my skin. I’ve had terrible skin for the last couple of years and am finally getting on top of it (with tetralysal) so didn’t want a change of diet to set me back. But last night someone commented on how nice my skin looked! Really pleased with that!


I’ve done it!! 

For my last day I stuck with tradition and had cornflakes for breakfast and cup a soup with a cream cheese sandwich for lunch.  

 The bread had a tiny bit of mould but I can handle that!

Dinner was chilli and rice and was DELICIOUS!  

  There’s even some food left over!  

All in all it’s been a good week. I’ve not felt hungrier than normal, I’ve just missed having choice. It’s really made me think about how I eat – I have a renewed appreciation for fruit, salad and vegetables. 

For everyday eating I could certainly cut back on spending, but for socialising I would struggle. It’s very hard to go out with friends and not buy an ice cream, a pint, or a bag of chips. And whilst I can afford to, I’m not going to deny myself these pleasures!

Day Three

Last night I went to a quiz with some friends. I drank a glass of tap water, which was fine… but then the chips came out. They smelled sooooo good! I was very good though and didn’t have any, but I felt so hungry!!

This morning started predictably with another bowl of cornflakes. Charlie (also predictably) didn’t finish his cereal so I also finished that for him (waste not want not and all that).

 I kept myself busy all morning to stave off the hunger, before sitting down with some beans on toast for lunch. The classic cheap meal! Normally I would have a whole tin but I had half a tin today and made myself an extra two pieces of toast instead! I also stuck a straw in my water to make it feel a bit more interesting – worth a try!

We went to a friend’s house for tea and she kindly cooked for the boys. Unfortunately it was just too irresistible and I had a couple of slices of pizza and garlic bread. A fail! But technically it didn’t cost me any money so I’m still doing ok.

So far I’m feeling good, I’m feeling hungry a lot, but that’s nothing new, I’m just having to try and distract myself instead of eating! I’m missing tea and feel tired because of it, but not getting the headaches and other withdrawal symptoms other people have had when giving up caffeine. My period is due tomorrow which may put a new spin on things!