I’m so proud of Oscar’s writing at the moment!  At the beginning of this term, if I asked him to write his name in a friend’s birthday card it would have been incredibly hard work, ending up in a big scribble or me writing it!  But in year two they have been learning about DRAGONS and Andy Goldsworthy.  Oscar is inspired!  I can hardly make him stop writing now!  It’s so much easier to help him with homework now that he’s enjoying it, I used to find it so frustrating.  Getting him to read or do anything maths-y is still a challenge, but it will come!

This was him doing his homework recently.  The homework was to draw a found item and look at textures, colours etc.  Instead he chose to write an essay.


I’m no writer, though I do like the idea of it as a career!  In my last couple of jobs I have done quite a lot of bits of writing.  Then in my work with older people I have met so many inspirational people.  One night (I think it was back in March) I couldn’t sleep and an idea for a story came to me.  Then I really couldn’t sleep, because I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  The next day I came down to my computer and wrote, and I was really surprised with how well it turned out.  I entered my story into a couple of competitions, not expecting to get anywhere, but you never know!  I didn’t get through in either competition, but that’s ok!  If you’d like to read it, here you go!


My trip to France

A couple of weeks ago I disappeared off to France for a much anticipated friend’s wedding in beautiful Chamonix.  The weather forecast was pretty horrific, and I was expecting awful thunderstorms every day, but we were blessed with, not exactly beautiful, but certainly not stormy, weather.  Chamonix itself was fantastic – off season it’s pretty much closed down and quiet, but we were a 70 strong party so that didn’t bother us!


The wedding was so beautiful and magical, the ceremony held beneath a ruined church, on a lake, and the foot of a mountain, and led by one of our good friends.  It was so personal, but also hilarious, he did an amazing job.  There were nine bridesmaids and nine groomsmen (putting my seven of each to shame!) – the boys in blue and the girls in yellow, and everything was very simple and straightforward, no unnecessary fuss for the sake of ceremony and tradition.  Since recently attending a local council meeting which was so full of this that it felt like a badly performed school play, this has cemented itself as my number one pet hate.


Most of us left our partners at home (and other than me, none of my school friends have had children yet), so it was like a school holiday.  Lots of partying, lots of reminiscing, and a few physical activities.  I actually went running EVERY DAY, which I am still shocked about!  The runs were short and slow, but every little counts!  And my vegan diet of the week before obviously went to pot with all the lovely cheese on offer!!

My intention was to use the precious time to myself to finally read One Hundred Years of Solitude.  But there was too much fun to be had and I didn’t even open it!!  I am hoping however to have completed my black and white photo challenge.  I have got a few contenders but they are still in colour at the moment, I’m hoping Steve will give me a black and white masterclass this evening.  I took this colourful photo, which I love, when we accidentally went through the Mont-Blanc tunnel to Italy for a day!!


On our last day in Chamonix, a few of us took the cable car up the mountain.  It’s the highest cable car in the world, and we thought it was overpriced at 54 euros each.  But we were so wrong!  It was just incredible up there above the clouds, really magical.  Bizarrely there were gift shops and restaurants up there – it was unbelievable!


My holiday ended on a bit of a stressful note, with our Easybus transfer to Geneva Airport just not turning up!!  We had to fork out for a taxi in the end, I’ve never EVER been that close to my flight time, it was horrible!!  But I got home safely in the end and that’s what matters.