The Last Supper

Time for my next challenge! Next week I’m off to France for a friend’s wedding so it seemed like the perfect time to have a go at eating vegan for a week as a little diet. 

I’ve been vegetarian since birth so it’s not such a big step to veganism, except I LOVE cheese. Whenever I try to think of a nice vegan meal I just want to stick a hunk of cheddar, or halloumi, or Stilton, or goats cheese, or feta, or Wensleydale and cranberries on the top of it. So here’s my last supper: chips and cheese. But of course!  

 But other than that, I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll have to be more inventive and eat more healthy, colourful foods, and if my £1 a day challenge is anything to go by, I’ll look forward to cooking. Especially since I can spend and eat as much as I like this time!

Last night there was a piece on the news about how developing countries are starting to have problems with obesity because processed junk food is getting cheaper, whilst fruit and veg are becoming more expensive. I know I’ll be spending significantly more this week on food, so I’ll try and keep track as much as possible for comparison.  


On another note, I am reading Lena Dunham’s “Not That Kind of Girl” at the moment and I just love it. I feel so inspired. It’s like the first time you listen to Nirvana as a teenager (or whatever band you favoured) and felt like they knew and understood you. Except in my case it’s the hidden me, the real essence of me that’s behind the mortgage, husband, and kids. (Oh and she uses the Oxford comma – what’s not to love?!) (and on that note, I would love for her and Jonathan Ames to do something together and write about it, wouldn’t that be something?!)