Day One as a Vegan

My first day as a vegan is done and I have loved it! I’ve eaten loads and felt good about every bite.    

Breakfast was a smoothie, normally if I have a smoothie for breakfast I am hungry again by 9am, but this kept me going much longer!  

Next up was hummus and crudités, classic vegan grub!   
A cup of tea with almond milk wasn’t quite the real thing, but certainly wasn’t bad.  

At lunchtime I went to a meeting where there were sandwiches and cake, I found it surprisingly easy to hold back, even though it all looked so good!

Instead I took a trip to my favourite health foods shop, Poppadoms, and bought more hummus, mushroom pate, and a quinoa salad.  

   After school we went to Oscar’s friend’s house for tea. I didn’t have dinner but had some yummy peaches. The actual dessert was peaches, honeycomb ice cream, and meringue pieces. Very hard to resist!  

For my dinner I made a mushroom risotto, I added a dollop of soy yoghurt to make it a bit creamier.  

Writing it all down here makes me realise just how much I’ve eaten! I guess eating a normal person’s amount of food would be the real challenge for me!