First Day Back

My first day back to normality, spending what I want on food! Bring out the lobster and caviar!!

(I won’t continue to update with every bit of food I eat but thought it would be good for comparison purposes today.)

Breakfast was toast and a smoothie: banana, frozen berries, yoghurt, apple juice.  

At about 11 I had some strawberries (reduced) and a handful of mixed nuts.

I met a friend for lunch. I chose the beachcomber in Teignmouth with the intentions of getting waffles, but in the end got a Brie and cranberry baguette with chips and salad.
Dinner was a jacket potato with cheese and beans and salad  …

Followed by a knickerbockerglory – my favourite! I dream of owning an ice cream parlour one day.

I’d say that’s a fairly average good day for me. I probably would have had a more salad based dinner but oscar asked for jacket potatoes and I’m not one to argue!

When I started my week I was a little concerned about my skin. I’ve had terrible skin for the last couple of years and am finally getting on top of it (with tetralysal) so didn’t want a change of diet to set me back. But last night someone commented on how nice my skin looked! Really pleased with that!



I’ve done it!! 

For my last day I stuck with tradition and had cornflakes for breakfast and cup a soup with a cream cheese sandwich for lunch.  

 The bread had a tiny bit of mould but I can handle that!

Dinner was chilli and rice and was DELICIOUS!  

  There’s even some food left over!  

All in all it’s been a good week. I’ve not felt hungrier than normal, I’ve just missed having choice. It’s really made me think about how I eat – I have a renewed appreciation for fruit, salad and vegetables. 

For everyday eating I could certainly cut back on spending, but for socialising I would struggle. It’s very hard to go out with friends and not buy an ice cream, a pint, or a bag of chips. And whilst I can afford to, I’m not going to deny myself these pleasures!

Day Six

Today is the first day of the official Live Below the Line challenge, but day six for me. It’s a nice feeling that I now have just three meals to go, but other people doing the challenge are just getting started!!

My penultimate breakfast was …. you’ve guessed it …. cornflakes!

Lunch was cream cheese sandwiches dipped in cup a soup.

And dinner was a tasty spag bol.

¬† I’m really pleased to have made it this far. There have been some minor slips (a couple of slices of pizza, a bite of cheese sandwich, a cup of tea here and there) but on the whole I think I’ve done well and will have a good amount of food leftover after tomorrow.

The biggest surprise for me is that I don’t miss or crave chocolate and crisps, but have instead gained a new appreciation for fruit, salad and vegetables. It’s a very odd feeling seeing these things in the house and depriving myself of them – it really goes against the grain!

Day Five

Last night I was very privileged to be asked to help a friend who was struggling with breastfeeding. She and her boyfriend were getting takeaway pizza and offered to buy me one as a thank you. I bloody love pizza! Saying no was possibly the hardest moment of this challenge!

Today I really quite enjoyed my breakfast cornflakes and was feeling positive looking in the box at what I’ve got left. There’s definitely enough good to keep me full, but it’s just not the food I want! I want some cheese, some vegetables, salad, crisps, chips, pizza… I don’t want to have to ration my apples and yoghurts! And I want to stop eating ginger nuts as my only snack/treat!

 For lunch I made an unappetising but quite tasty kidney bean pate: kidney beans, leftover chilli, cream cheese, breadcrumbs. I had this in a sandwich (two sandwiches in the end). It was nice but clearly not enough food for me, so when Steve appeared with a crusty cheesey baguette for oscar I had to sneak a couple of bites!

If I actually had to live on this budget I would definitely be rummaging through bins by now!

 For dinner I did a roast, using the pate from lunch baked in balls, along with potatoes, peas, carrots and a thin onion gravy. It was really nice to have a big plate of food!

I’ve made another chilli thing which should see me through the final two days. I’m not someone who plans meals ahead, for this challenge I have had to (not that I’ve always stuck to it!) but it’s no fun – I much prefer just having what I fancy. But all too often that’s not something I should be eating (it’s pizza).

Day Four

I’m at the halfway point now and honestly I don’t know if it’s going well or not! I haven’t spent any money yet but there have been a couple of cheeky biscuits and cups of tea at work. I’m confident that it is possible to survive on ¬£1 a day, and there are plenty of nice things to eat, but there are things I really miss that make it hard. Weirdly salad is the number one thing I am craving, followed by cheese! The hardest thing to me is trying not to snack, but that’s something I find hard anyway!!

¬†Today’s breakfast was beans on toast.

Lunch was a good old spag bol – yummy!

In the afternoon I felt really tired and groggy and had a stomach ache. Not sure if it’s not eating enough fruit/veg, too many beans, or my impending period, but I was feeling pretty lazy at dinner time. So I went for a gourmet “ginger risotto” – rice pudding with a ginger nut crumbled on top.

¬† Tonight I’m visiting a friend with her new baby. When I had my boys everyone gave me chocolate but what I really wanted was fruit, so that’s what I’m taking her. What I wouldn’t give for a nice juicy piece of mango or pineapple, or a smoothie!

Day Three

Last night I went to a quiz with some friends. I drank a glass of tap water, which was fine… but then the chips came out. They smelled sooooo good! I was very good though and didn’t have any, but I felt so hungry!!

This morning started predictably with another bowl of cornflakes. Charlie (also predictably) didn’t finish his cereal so I also finished that for him (waste not want not and all that).

 I kept myself busy all morning to stave off the hunger, before sitting down with some beans on toast for lunch. The classic cheap meal! Normally I would have a whole tin but I had half a tin today and made myself an extra two pieces of toast instead! I also stuck a straw in my water to make it feel a bit more interesting Рworth a try!

We went to a friend’s house for tea and she kindly cooked for the boys. Unfortunately it was just too irresistible and I had a couple of slices of pizza and garlic bread. A fail! But technically it didn’t cost me any money so I’m still doing ok.

So far I’m feeling good, I’m feeling hungry a lot, but that’s nothing new, I’m just having to try and distract myself instead of eating! I’m missing tea and feel tired because of it, but not getting the headaches and other withdrawal symptoms other people have had when giving up caffeine. My period is due tomorrow which may put a new spin on things!

Day Two

The second day of my eat for £1 a day week started with good old cornflakes.

Lunch was pretty much the same as yesterday, but I dunked my cream cheese sandwich in a cup a soup. ¬†Whilst doing that I thought it tasted surprisingly good, but once the bread was gone and I had to drink the soup on it’s own it was pretty bland and gross.

¬†Tonight’s dinner was a different story though! I made a shepherd’s pie / hot pot dish and it was SO damn tasty! I used the chilli mixture from yesterday fried up with some tinned new potatoes. This was so quick and easy to make, cheap, and delicious. I’d definitely make this again.

Unfortunately I did succumb to a cup of tea and a biscuit at work today, but I didn’t have to pay for them so it’s only a little bit cheating! They were chocolate hobnobs, what else could I do?!

This evening I’m off to a quiz. I’m really going to fancy a pint (especially since I’m off work tomorrow!) but I will be sticking to tap water!